2020 Fall Application

Congratulations to the candidates admitted into the 2020 analyst class! We had an extremely competitive applicant pool with an acceptance rate under 20%. The next application round will take place during the Fall Semester of 2021.

Recruitment Schedule

Information Session #1

Due to COVID-19, there will not be an info session.

There will not be an information session this fall because of COVID-19 restrictions. If you have any questions, please reach out directly to an executive board member or contact us here.

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Application Released

It will include a brief background section and a question about the candidate's interest in TAMID. Candidates that meet the high standards we expect out of all TAMID members will advance to the interview round.

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Interview Round

To find the brightest and most dedicated candidates, there will be a short in-person interview. We will examine interpersonal skills and the candidate's critical thinking when challenged with brainteasers. The most qualified and outstanding candidates will be accepted into TAMID.